Folding paper. Isn't this what it's all about? Not really, but at least it's more social than bowling.

We'll start off with something simple - the traditional Crane. Legend says that if you fold one thousand of these suckers, you'll be granted good luck.

If it works, please let us know.

The Crane, step-by-step

Here are untested, possibly easy-to-follow instructions on how to fold the most widely recognized origami figure - the traditional Crane.

Pour a drink and pay attention.

Starting with a square piece of paper, ideally a different color on each side of 4" square or larger.

Place the color you prefer you crane to be, facing up.

Turn the paper over and fold it lengthwise, edge to edge.

Open it up and repeat the fold along the other length, edge to edge.

Unfold and flatten. Turn the paper over and fold diagonally,corner to corner.

Open and again repeat the diagonal fold, corner to corner.

Unfold and flatten.

First tough fold coming up.

All four corners need to be brought together, two of the corners will be "reverse folded".


Can't stay focused on the computer? Rather have printed instructions with obscure arrows and such?

Click on the document icon below to download a PDF file fhat can be printed. Includes bonus cocktail recipe.

As seen in the illustration, the left and right side corners are reverse folded "in" towards the center.

Flatten. You should end up with a diamond shape.

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