Origami is the art of paper folding. The word is Japanese, literally meaning to fold (oru) paper (kami).

The Crane, second page.

Grab a snack.

Fold one corner of the square so that the edge is lined up with the center line.

Repeat with the other side.

Turn the paper over and repeat with both corners on the flipside.

Phone someone and tell them about your newly discovered lifestyle.

Fold the top flap down and give it a good crease.

Flip the flap over the other way and crease again.


If at any time while following these instructions, you happen to suffer a paper cut. This page provides simple treatment, but no sympathy.

Unfold and lay flat.


Second tricky fold coming up.

Lift the upper half of the diamond away from the lower half and continue to open until it lays flat, folding the sides in as necessary.

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