The invention of paper is generally acredited to Ts'ai Lun of China in 105 A.D.

Paper was introduced to Japan in the late sixth century by Buddhist monks, and paper folding was brought along with it.

Since there are no known Chinese records of paper folding, and since the oldest Japanese records date only to the 18th century, some historians claim that origami is definitely a Japanese invention.

Regardless of its ultimate origin, Japan is recognized as the country that most fully developed the traditional art of origami.

The Crane, at the halfway point.

Flip the paper over and repeat with the other side. Those good creases are paying off already.

This illustration shows the result.

Pat yourself on the back and refresh your drink.

Fold in one outside corner in so that the edge lines up with the center line.

Repeat with the other side.

Ouch! Got a paper cut yet? Find help here.

Flip the paper over and repeat both folds with the flipside.

This is what should have. If you don't, no worries. Throw the paper out, change cocktails and start again.


Here's the third tricky fold.

Bring the two front halves together. Same for the back two.

This results in the same shape, only now the top points are split.

Fold the bottom point up to meet the top point.

Flip the paper over and repeat the fold on the flipside.

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